Houndstooth cake stencil SL31

USD 10.50

Cake stencil

Stenciling is a timeless art that is surprisingly easy to do and yields impressive results. 

Add some texture and depth to your creation with this cake stencil.


1 Cake stencil.

Pattern size is 6 X 11.3 inches .
Over all stencil (Stencil plastic) is: 7 X 11.8 inches.  

Made from durable 10 mil, laser cut food grade plastic  for high-quality, professional, repeat use.

CARE: Just rinse with warm soapy water and lay flat to dry. *** do not put this stencil in the dishwasher !

Our stencils are made to order, please allow up to 3 business days for process.

Thank You and happy baking :)